Harley's passion for photography began at an early age and continued together with his work in his early career as a web designer. He has an extensive background in the creative arts having worked full time as a freelance professional web designer for many notable clients. He held the post of lead designer at the internationally acclaimed design agency, Jones-Anderson, who were responsible for the brand imaging of companies such as Costa Coffee, The Countryside Agency and The British Museum Company.

Having conducted a great deal of photographic work in the course of his general graphic arts career, in response to client demand and the positive reception of his skills, he has progressed to a full-time career as a professional photographer. A self-confessed perfectionist, Harley's work has already evolved into an inspiring portfolio of images from all over the world, covering a range of diverse and fascinating subjects.

Over the past several years he has had the privilege of working with such notable personalities as Dame Judi Dench, Lord Edward Guinness and Sir Ian McKellen among many others, and has had images published in hundreds of newspapers, magazines, websites and other media all around the world.